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“I try to translate everything I carry within me and show it to the world through my work.”

The whole collection Home Textile Lisa Corti is divided for Design, each with its own style. Each design has a wide range of products for home furnishings: Mezzeri, drapes furniture, quilts and quilts, bedspreads, tablecloths and pillows.

  1. Acanto Escher Chutney Veronese

  2. Acanto Escher Grey Veronese

  3. Anabesque Design Payne Natural

  4. Anabesque Design Sky

  5. Arabesque Corolla Blue Rust

  6. Arabesque Corolla Natural Coffee

  7. Arabesque Mauve Orchid

  8. Arabesque Red

  9. Big Check Black White

  10. Big Flower Geranium

  11. Big Flower Veronese

  12. Brocade Blue

  13. Camelia Olive Green

  14. Camelia Orange

  15. Camelia Peacock

  16. Chinese Spring Geranium

  17. Chinese Spring Mustard

  18. Corolla Frida Green

  19. Corolla Frida Purple

  20. Corolla Green

  21. Corolla Pervinch Jade

  22. Damask Corolla Magenta

  23. Damask Corolla Payne

  24. Damask Design Red Rose

  25. Damask Maroon Cinnamon

  26. Damask Stripes Red

  27. Damask Stripes Red Cream

  28. Damask Turquoise Acid Green

  29. Dam Dam Red Sage

  30. Double Peonia Acid Green

  31. Double Peonia Peach

  32. Dragon Tiger Celadon

  33. Dragon Tiger Payne

  34. Dragon Tiger Purple

  35. Dragon Tiger Red

  36. Dragon Tiger Rust

  37. Dragon Tiger Veronese

  38. Floralia

  39. Gulab Flower Mustard

  40. Henga Celeste

  41. Hima Big Flower Blue Green

  42. Hima Big Flower Peacock Rust

  43. Ikat Cold

  44. Ikat Warm

  45. Indigo Peach Maroon

  46. Indigo Rust Sage

  47. Indonesian Orange Pink

  48. Indonesian Red Mustard

  49. Japanese White

  50. Jungle Banano Geranium

  51. Jungle Banano Jade

  52. King Old Pink

  53. King Pink

  54. King Veronese

  55. Leopard Flower Rust

  56. Leopard Flower Sky Light Blue

  57. Leopard Green

  58. Leopard Stripes Rust

  59. Leopard Stripes Sky

  60. Leopard Touch Ferozi

  61. Maharaja Turquoise Brown

  62. Maharani Acid Green Pink

  63. Maharani Coral Turquoise

  64. Matisse Pot Green

  65. Matisse Pot Pink

  66. Matisse Pot Sky

  67. Matisse Pot Veronese

  68. Multicheck Fucsia

  69. Multicheck Sky

  70. Naga Geometric Mustard

  71. Naga Geometric Nut

  72. Naga Geometric Purple

  73. Ninphea Geometric Lilac

  74. Ninphea Stripes Lilac

  75. Nizam Acid Green

  76. Nizam Dots Blue Green

  77. Nizam Grey

  78. Nizam Grey Red Green

  79. Nizam Mustard

  80. Nizam Red

  81. Nizam Stripes Blue Green

  82. Nizam Stripes Turquoise Acid Green

  83. Ololay Celedon

  84. Ololay Fucsia

  85. Peonia Blue

  86. Peonia Glicine

  87. Peonia Pink

  88. Peonia Red

  89. Peonia Veronese

  90. Queen Warm

  91. Ramage Chinz Celedon

  92. Ramage Chinz Cerry Red

  93. Ramage Chinz Cobalt

  94. Royal Palace Aqua

  95. Royal Palace White

  96. Royal Palace Yellow

  97. Spiral Black White

  98. Tibet Check Payne Butter

  99. Tibet Design Light Blue Veronese

  100. Tibet Design Peach

  101. Tibet Design White

  102. Tiger Flower Blue

  103. Tiles Geranium