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Terms and Conditions

The company Lisa Corti S.r.l., with registered office at Via Lecco 2, Milan, Italy, registered with the Milan Register of Companies, Economic and Administrative Index no. MI1940680, Tax Code and VAT no. 07163570968 (hereinafter, “Lisa Corti”) owns and manages the site (the “Site”), for the sale of clothing, furnishing and other homeware products (the “Products”). The following general conditions of use of the Site and general conditions of sale (the “General Conditions”) govern the browsing and use of the Site (and respective information) and the purchase of Products on the Site. Users are invited to read the General Conditions carefully before using the Site and purchasing the Products; the conditions can be saved and printed using the browser.

(A) Terms and Conditions of use of the Site Users are advised that access by visitors to this website is subject to the following conditions: 1. Copyright 1.1. Information, logos, graphic elements, documentation, images, trademarks and all other material published and/or reproduced on this Site are the property of (or licensed by third parties for use by) Lisa Corti. 1.2. Site content may only be reproduced with written authorisation from Lisa Corti. As such, the content of this Site must not be modified, copied, reproduced, distributed, sent or disseminated, in whole or in part, without authorisation. 1.3. The hypertext links on this Site may lead users to web pages on other sites. In such cases, Lisa Corti shall not be held responsible for the content published on such sites or how it may be used by third parties, or for any damage caused by or when accessing such sites, connecting to the same, or downloading their content. 1.4. All Site content is protected by and subject to copyright and industrial property regulations in force. Any extraction, copying or reuse of the material on the Site that is not expressly authorised, and that could in any way damage the rights of the Site owners, is not permitted. The Site and its content can only be used for personal or educational purposes, and not for commercial purposes. By way of example, "Site content" refers to: text and photographs; videos; databases; graphics and tables; claims; audio reproductions; drawings and animations; any graphic and/or textual representation in general. 1.5. Copying or reproducing all or part of the Site content without express authorisation from Lisa Corti is therefore prohibited. The pages of the Site may also feature trademarks, domain names, and names of companies, firms and stores owned by third parties with whom Lisa Corti collaborates. Such trademarks are also subject to protection under the copyright and industrial property regulations in force. 1.6. The use of meta tags or any other html commands on the Site, which could provide instructions to electronic agents or search engines to boost the search ranking of a site not affiliated with Lisa Corti, is also strictly prohibited.

2. Linking/Framing 2.1. Under no circumstances is it permitted to create links to the Home Page of the Site, currently available at the web address (hereinafter also the "Home Page"), or any other page of the Site, without written authorisation from Lisa Corti. 2.2. Requests to create a link to connect to the Home Page of the Site must be sent by e-mail to The request must include: (a) the e-mail address and phone number of the technical manager of the site on which the link will be included; (b) details of the company submitting the request; (c) the address of the web site where the link will be created; (d) any additional information considered useful for the purposes of obtaining authorisation from Lisa Corti. Specific links allowing the user to be directed to an internal page while bypassing the Home Page ("deep linking") are expressly prohibited, as are automatic insertion links ("inline linking”) that allow the user to automatically view images from the Site in a specific space. Also prohibited is "framing", a practice allowing a page of the site to appear on a specific page of another site so that, instead of appearing in a separate browser window, the content of that page simultaneously appears in a frame intended for that purpose. A breach of the provisions of this article may be subject to legal action in accordance with applicable laws, including those relating to unfair competition.

3. Exclusion of guarantees and limitation of liability 3.1. All content published on the Site is provided solely for general informational purposes. Lisa Corti does not provide any guarantee of their accuracy and completeness, and reserves the right to amend and update such information on the Site without any notice, with the exception of the provisions set out below in the General Conditions of Sale to protect the consumer. 3.2. Except in the case of wilful misconduct or serious negligence, Lisa Corti shall not be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage arising from the use of, or inability to use, the Site and its content (or sites connected with it, including indirectly), or for omissions or errors. 3.3. The Site may only be used for private purposes. The user accepts that they will not use the Site for any commercial or business purposes and, as such, that Lisa Corti shall not be held responsible in any way for any uses that breach these provisions.

*4. Privacy * 4.1. The Customer's personal data are processed by the Company, in its capacity as controller, in accordance with the applicable regulations concerning personal data protection. For additional information on the processing of personal data performed by the Company, reference should be made to the provisions of the [Privacy and Cookie Policy].

(B) Terms and Conditions of sale The following general conditions of sale (“General Conditions of Sale”) govern the offer and sale of the Products on the Site by Lisa Corti s.r.l. Requests for information and/or messages and/or complaints concerning sales, purchase orders, Products, payments and shipping can be sent to the Lisa Corti customer service team (the “Customer Service”), at the following e-mail address:

*5. Scope of application and registration on the Site. * 5.1. The offer of items for sale on this Site is targeted at natural persons acting as consumers, as defined by article 3, lett. a of Italian Legislative Decree 206/2005 and subsequent amendments and supplements (the Italian “Consumer Code”), and therefore persons acting for purposes other than any business, commercial, artisanal, or professional activities they may be engaged in; purchase for subsequent resale is prohibited. In light of the above, Lisa Corti reserves the right not to accept – or to cancel – orders: (i) placed by retailers or wholesalers or parties purchasing the Products with a view to subsequent resale and, more generally, by parties who are not consumers; and (ii) from parties that place anomalous quantities of orders in terms of Product quantity or frequency. 5.2. Purchase orders are accepted from all over the world, with the exception of parties resident in, or delivery addresses located in, [Turkey, Brazil, Russia and Ukraine]. 5.3. Customers requiring orders to be shipped outside the European Community are reminded that they must pay customs duties upon receipt of the order and that such duties cannot be calculated by Lisa Corti. 5.4. If the customer refuses to pay such duties upon receipt of the order, Lisa Corti reserves the right to withhold the amount of such duties, plus VAT duties and transport costs.

6. Procedure for entering into the contract 6.1. In accordance with Italian Legislative Decree no. 70 of 9 April 2003 containing provisions on e-commerce, Lisa Corti notifies the user that to enter into a purchase contract, they should use the dedicated purchase form available on the Site. Submission of the order gives rise to an obligation for the Site user to pay the price of the Products as specified in article6.1 below and shall constitute a contractual proposal in accordance with and for the purposes of article 1326 of the Italian Civil Code (the “Proposal”). 6.2. Before sending the Proposal, the user may identify and correct any errors made while entering the data, by following the instructions provided on the Site on each individual occasion and available throughout the various steps of the purchase process. In any case, before submitting the Proposal and entering into the contract in accordance with paragraph 6.3 below, the user will have access to a page summarising their Proposal, where they can check and make any changes to the products ordered and review the information regarding price, additional costs, and delivery and payment conditions and, if necessary, amend it. To change the items placed in the cart, the user must go back to the previous page using the relevant button on their browser. [NOTE FOR LISACORTI: Provisions required under Italian Legislative Decree 70/03 and the Italian Consumer Code; as such, the site must be implemented in a way that is compliant with that regulation] 6.3. Once the Proposal and confirmation of payment of the total amount due have been received, Lisa Corti will e-mail the user, to the address provided in the order form, confirmation of order acceptance (”Acceptance"), the payment receipt, information on the characteristics of the product purchased, detailed specification of the price, the payment method used, the shipping costs, and details of the Customer Service team that the user can contact to request support and/or submit complaints. The e-mail received must be stored as proof of purchase. Each distance contract between the user and Lisa Corti (the “Contract”) shall therefore consist of a Proposal and Acceptance and shall be entered into at the moment the user receives the Acceptance in accordance with this paragraph. 6.4. The Proposal shall be filed in the Lisa Corti database for the period required to fulfil the order and, in any case, for the period of time required by law. The user can access their Proposal by going to the "account" section of the Site and clicking "storico ordini [order history]", which will bring up a list of all Proposals placed. 6.5. Users can enter into a contract in Italian or English. The Customer Service team can communicate with users in Italian and English.

7. Prices 7.1. The prices of all Products for sale on the Site are expressed in Euro (€) and shall be understood [to include VAT, where applicable]. Shipping costs shall be covered by the user, as well as all other potential additional costs, including VAT, which in any case will be expressly and separately indicated on the order form before the user submits the Proposal, and in the Acceptance. 7.2. Users resident in countries that do not use the Euro as their currency should consider the impact of the exchange rate on the overall cost of the Product they wish to purchase. 7.3. Users should note that, for various reasons, including the commercial policy of the brand owner, the price of Products sold on the Site may vary from country to country. 7.4. Product prices, available and published on the Site, may be changed without advance notice; the amount charged to the user, however, will be that stated on the product sheet at the time the order is sent. Such changes will not affect orders already sent, even if not already confirmed by Lisa Corti via an order confirmation. 7.5. Products shall remain the property of Lisa Corti until the purchase price, shipping costs and any other additional costs are paid by the user.

8. Orders 8.1. The Contract will not be entered into and the order will not be dispatched until Lisa Corti receives confirmation that the amount due has been paid in full; this consists of the purchase price and shipping costs, as indicated on the order form. 8.2. Lisa Corti reserves the right to reject Proposals (with the consequence that the Contract will not be performed) from users that do not offer adequate guarantees of solvency or with whom disputes are ongoing and/or who engage in anomalous purchasing behaviour. 8.3. Given that multiple users may purchase the same Product at once, it is possible that the Product indicated in the Proposal may no longer be available after the Proposal is sent. The customer will be notified promptly by e-mail if the Product ordered is unavailable, and the purchase order will be cancelled and the Contract will not be performed. If the payment has already been processed, Lisa Corti will refund the amount paid by the user within 14 (fourteen) days of the day after which the Proposal was sent. 8.4. The user will be notified of the refund amount by e-mail, and it will be credited using the same payment method used for the purchase. 8.5. Any delays in crediting the refund may be attributable to the bank or the type of credit card used for the payment. In any case, the value date for the refund will be the same as for the charge.

9. Deliveries 9.1. Deliveries are available worldwide, with the exception of [Turkey, Brazil, Russia and Ukraine]. 9.2. The user will receive a shipping confirmation e-mail when the Products are received by the carrier. Delivery times – to be understood as merely indicative and non-binding – are as specified on the DHL site, where you can track your delivery using the information received by e-mail, on the website. 9.3. Lisa Corti will send the Products ordered to the postal address specified by the user in the Proposal. Deliveries will be carried out by the DHL courier using their DOMESTIC service (fast delivery) in Italy and abroad and their STANDARD or EXPRESS service in Europe, depending on the option selected by the user when submitting the Proposal, the DHL terms and conditions, and the options available on each individual occasion on the relevant website (the "Delivery Conditions"). Without prejudice to alternative Delivery Conditions provided for by DHL, in the event that the delivery is unsuccessful due to an address error, because nobody is available to receive the parcel or for other reasons, the courier will make the number of delivery attempts provided for in relation to the service selected in the Delivery Conditions, and will then leave a note to confirm the delivery attempt, including details to contact the courier to arrange delivery over the time period provided for in the Delivery Conditions or in the note. If it is not possible to deliver the Products within the timeframe and according to the procedure set out in the Delivery Conditions, the Product purchased will be sent back to Lisa Corti and the purchase order will be cancelled in accordance with art. 1373 of the Italian Civil Code. Once the contract is terminated, Lisa Corti will refund the total amount paid by the user, less the costs of unsuccessful delivery of the Product and its return to Lisa Corti, and any customs charges if applicable, otherwise the Customer may not claim compensation for damage incurred. The user will receive an e-mail notifying them of termination of the Contract and the refund amount.
9.4. The refund amount will be credited using the payment method used by the user for the purchase within 14 (fourteen) days of the date on which notice is provided of termination of the Contract as referred to in the previous paragraph. 9.5. If the user submits another request to receive the purchased Product, Lisa Corti will deliver it again, subject to payment of shipping costs. 9.6. In the event that the product purchased is not delivered within 30 days of entering into the Contract in accordance with paragraph 6.3, the user may submit a complaint to the Customer Service team by e-mail to Lisa Corti will investigate the complaint and, if it finds that it is responsible for the failure to deliver and that the situation is not due to Force Majeure or other circumstances outside of Lisa Corti’s control, and without prejudice to the user’s right to avail themselves of the standard means of protection offered by mandatory provisions of law, Lisa Corti will refund the total amount paid by the user – consisting of the purchase price, shipping costs and any other potential additional cost – immediately and, in any case, within 14 days of the date on which the user is notified of the outcome of the complaint. 9.7. In all of the above situations, the user will be notified of the refund amount by e-mail, and it will be credited using the same payment method used for the purchase. Any delays in crediting the refund may be attributable to the bank or the type of credit card used for the payment. In any case, the value date for the refund will be the same as for the charge. 9.8. The recipient is responsible for verifying the conditions of the product delivered.

*10. Right to withdraw * 10.1. A user that has purchased Products online may withdraw from the Contract, without providing a reason, within 14 days of the date of taking physical possession of the Product or, in the case of Proposals covering multiple Products delivered separately, from the date of taking physical possession of the last Product delivered. The user is responsible for the decrease in value of Products resulting from handling of the Products beyond what is required to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the Products. 10.2. To make a return, e-mail Lisa Corti at, and use the attached withdrawal form*. If the right to withdraw referred to in this paragraph is exercised within the allowed timeframe10.2, the user shall have the right, within 14 days of the date on which Lisa Corti receives notice of the exercise of the right to withdraw, to a refund of the payments made to Lisa Corti, including delivery costs. Lisa Corti is not required to refund additional costs in the event that the user has expressly selected a delivery option other than the least expensive delivery option offered by Lisa Corti. To verify compliance with the timeframe for exercising this right to withdraw, the date of sending the relevant communication shall apply. 10.3. The refund amount will be communicated by e-mail and credited using the same means of payment used for the purchase, unless the user expressly arranges a different means of payment and on condition that this does not involve any cost being incurred for the refund. The value date for the refund will be the same as for the charge. 10.4. Unless Lisa Corti offers to collect the goods, Lisa Corti may withhold the refund until it receives the goods or until the user provides proof of having sent the goods, whichever happens first. 56 co 3 10.5. The right to withdraw shall not apply to the sale of Products made to measure, customised, or at risk of deterioration.

11. Payment 11.1. The Products purchased from the Site shall be paid for by PayPal, credit card or Klarna. Lisa Corti accepts all VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard, American Express, Union Pay, Japan Credit Bureau, Discover & Diners credit cards. 11.2. Payment shall take place in accordance with the contractual conditions applied by those operators. To prevent internet fraud, credit card payments for purchases made through the Site are handled by the relevant bank using the tools offered by PayPal Pro and Stripe. PayPal and Stripe are responsible for storing information relating to each order, including financial information, and for its automatic processing in a secure environment. All financial information including, for example, the credit card number and expiry date, are handled directly by PayPal and Stripe. Lisa Corti never receives credit card details, and therefore cannot save or store them in any way. As such, all support required by Site users in relation to any stage of the process of paying for purchased Products on the Site is supplied directly by PayPal and Stripe; support requests and/or complaints can be sent to the latter companies. 11.3. The user therefore declares that they are aware that the payment methods available are offered and managed by third parties and that Lisa Corti is not responsible – for any reason, grounds or cause – for any damage incurred by the User as a result of their malfunctioning or fraud or other harmful events that may occur during their use. 11.4. Commercial invoices are only issued at the request of the user; such requests must be made prior to the purchase, by e-mailing Requests sent after a purchase is made will not be satisfied.

12. Legal guarantee of Product conformity 12.1. Images and colours of Products published on the Site may differ from the actual Products due to local system settings and/or the tools used to display them. 12.2. Without prejudice to the provisions of paragraph 12.5 below, Lisa Corti is responsible to the user for conformity issues with the purchased Products that existed at the time of delivery and that become evident within two years of delivery: in this case, the user can contact the Customer Service team, which will verify the user's right to repair or replacement of the product, without additional costs, if possible (including in relation to the number of Products still available for sale) and unless replacement or repair is found to be excessively onerous for Lisa Corti, in light of the value of the item without the conformity issue, the extent of that issue and the possibility of arranging an alternative solution without significant inconvenience to the user. As such, Lisa Corti may refuse to resolve conformity issues if repair or replacement are impossible or if the costs to Lisa Corti are disproportionate, taking all circumstances into account. 12.3. Alternatively, the user has the right to an appropriate reduction of the price or termination of the Contract. the user does not have the right to terminate the Contract if the conformity issue is minor. The burden to prove that the issue is minor lies with Lisa Corti. 12.4. In the event of termination of the Contract, Lisa Corti will refund the amount paid by the user – consisting of the purchase price and any other additional costs – in full. In the event of a reduction of the price, Lisa Corti will refund the relevant amount. In any case, the user will be notified of the refund amount by e-mail, and it will be credited using the payment method used to make the purchase. The user must arrange the shipping method with the Customer Service team. Excluded from the conformity guarantee are Products that have been repaired, modified or in any way altered by the user. 12.5. Lisa Corti is not responsible for damage, of any kind, arising from use of the Product by the user, namely its incorrect use and/or use in a manner that does not comply with the instructions provided by the manufacturer, or damage arising from Force Majeure.

Miscellaneous Conditions of Sale 13. Changes to the General Conditions The General Conditions can be amended at any time by Lisa Corti. Any amendments and/or new conditions will come into effect when published in the "Conditions of Sale" section of the Site. As such, users are invited to access the Site regularly and check the most up-to-date version of the General Conditions published. The applicable General Conditions are those in force on the date that the purchase order is placed.

*14. Force majeure * Under no circumstances may Lisa Corti been held responsible for non-compliance (including delay) with any one of its obligations arising from these General Conditions of Sale if such non-compliance is caused by an event outside of its reasonable control (including, for example, natural disasters, terrorist acts, wars, riots, lockouts, strikes, any form of government intervention, epidemics and pandemics and recurrence of the same network malfunctions and/or Site blackout) (“Force Majeure Event”).

15. Exhaustiveness The General Conditions represent in full all agreements between Lisa Corti and the users of the Site with reference to the purchase of Products via the Site.

16. Severability If a clause of the General Conditions is found to be illegal, void or ineffective, that clause will not affect the validity and effectiveness of the remaining provisions.

17. Applicable Law and Place of Jurisdiction 17.1. The General Conditions and contracts entered into between Site users and Lisa Corti are governed by Italian law. For all matters not expressly provided for herein, the legal provisions in force in Italy shall apply, including the mandatory provisions of the Italian Consumer Code independent of the relevant provisions of applicable law, and not the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods of 1980. 17.2. All disputes arising from any agreement resulting from or in connection with the General Conditions shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent court of the place where the Site user lives or is resident. For all matters not expressly provided for herein, the provisions of applicable laws of the Italian legal system apply and, in particular, the provisions set out in Section II, Par. I, Title III, Section III of the Italian Consumer Code.

18. Complaints and extra-judicial resolution of disputes 18.1. The user may submit any complaints to the Company by e-mail to 18.2. In accordance with art. 141-sexies, par. 3, of the Italian Consumer Code, Lisa Corti hereby notifies Site users that, if they submit a complaint directly to Lisa Corti, in response to which it is not however possible to resolve the relevant dispute, Lisa Corti will provide information on the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) body or bodies for out-of-court resolution of disputes relating to obligations arising from a Contract entered into under these General Conditions. The Company also notifies the Customer that a European platform has been set up for online resolution of consumer disputes (known as the ODR platform). The ODR platform is available at; the consumer-user can use the ODR platform to access the list of ADR bodies, find the link to the site of each body and launch the online dispute resolution process in which they are involved. This is without prejudice, in any case, to the right of each Site user to apply to the ordinary court with jurisdiction over a dispute arising from these General Conditions, regardless of the outcome of the out-of-court settlement procedure and, if the criteria are met, to pursue an out-of-court settlement of disputes relating to consumer relations by applying the procedures referred to in Section V, Title II-bis of the Italian Consumer Code. In the event of any dispute relating to the application, implementation and interpretation of these General Conditions, Site users living in a member state of the European Union other than Italy can also access the small claims procedure established by Regulation (EC) no. 861/2007 of the Council of 11 July 2007, on condition that the value of the dispute, excluding interest, fees and expenses, does not exceed €5,000.00. The text of the regulation is available on the website:   attached withdrawal form*.

Via _______________ e-mail

For the attention of Lisa Corti s.r.l.

Subject: notice of withdrawal from the General Conditions of Sale

Dear Sirs,

By way of this form, the undersigned _______________ _______________ withdraws from the Contract s/he entered into concerning the purchase of the following goods _______________ ordered on _______________ and received on _______________ Consumer name _______________ Consumer address _______________

Place and Date ____________, ____________


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