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With her singular affinity for colour, ancient crafts and the art of travel, the creative soul of Lisa Corti unites apparently distant cultures to create something that goes beyond the simple concept of a brand.

A world of limited edition prints and fabrics, designed in Italy and hand crafted in India, over the years Lisa Corti has become an icon of elegance that transcends seasons and generations in inimitable style.

Discovered during her countless trips to the East, Lisa Corti's creative vision explores the timeless details of decorative objects and artistic masterpieces from past eras, transforming them into distinctive designs, each with its own personality, for the home and everyday wear. And so, for almost sixty years, her trademark collection of mezzeri (versatile, multiuse cotton cloths in different sizes), tableware, cushions, bedspreads, curtains and tapestries as well as an iconic range of kurtas, kaftans and jackets for women, children and men, has embodied a unique concept of joyous sophistication, enriching any space or look with exotic charm.

From the first seed, planted in 1963 when she was only in her early twenties, Lisa Corti's creative vision first blossomed into a small, sucessful range of womenswear.

But just over a decade later, an epiphany would alter her destiny, defining the natural evolution of a niche clothing collection into what would become one of the world's first lifestyle brands.

On a trip to India with her daughter Ida, Lisa rediscovered the rich sensorial colours, fabrics and textures of the markets that had animated her childhood in Eritrea, and returned to Europe with a new passion – the art of block printing. In the mid-1980s, the Home Textile Emporium was established, attracting renowned designers and artists such as Elio Fiorucci and Michelangelo Antonioni, inaugurating a new leg on Lisa's journey

Ida Corti - ©Oberto Gili

Today, with her home and atelier located in the vibrant, multicultural neighbourhood of Porta Venezia, Lisa divides her time between India and Italy, relentlessly exploring the art and culture of beauty and adding new designs to her unique aesthetic.

Lisa Corti continues to be a family-run company, but above all, Lisa Corti is a modern, transgenerational and distinctly feminine story. Now CEO and artistic director, Lisa's daughter Ida grew up alongside the brand - from that first trip to India to the birth of the first patterns, and writes the present and future chapters of the group.

From the brand's first home overlooking the canals of Milan's Navigli district to its new milenium home in the ex-convent-come-19th century industrial space of Via Lecco, houses have always played a key role in the world of Lisa Corti.

And via Lecco in particular. Transformed into an evocative bazar-like atelier by Lisa's eclectic imagination, as you enter, what strikes you first is the wooden floor. Painted entirely by Ida Corti, this distinguishing element defines the world of colour and syncretism that rises from it, the fil rouge that has defined the spirit of Lisa Corti throughout the decades. Much more than a store, Via Lecco houses the brand's workshop, a real factory in which clients, creativity and history navigate space, creating new paths between sales areas, sewing machines, computers and drawing tables. An emporium, a market, a bazaar, where you can search, touch, cut and let your imagination run wild.

The story behind our logo

A cat with many more than nine lives, the cat in the logo really existed: Milla was indeed Lisa's pet Siamese at the time of the company's creation. Painted by her partner, the artist Angelo Barcella - whose works enrich the Emporium and workshop, the cat was instinctively adopted as the company's symbol, happily going against the rules of more corporate images, evolving through the years to reflect the spirit of Lisa Corti: a brand that was born in a home.

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