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The Home Textile Emporium of Lisa Corti is a company based in Milan that creates and designs fabrics used to create a very personal home furnishing and women’s and children’s clothing line. Lisa Corti designs her creations in Italy, but each and every piece of her collections is produced in India by specialised artisans, working manually and monitoring every single stage of production, from the weaving and dying of the cotton through to the manual printing on the fabric using the ancient blockprint technique.
Cotton, muslin, malmal, wool, silk, zari fabric, mushroo, ikat, bandhani, khadi, chintz and calico are among the various fabrics used to create Lisa Corti’s world. From mezzeri to mandalas, cushions to curtains and drapes, right through to clothing for adults and children, Lisa Corti collections are famous and sold worldwide and in other Home Textile Emporiums that have opened over the years in Florence, Rome and abroad.

Lisa Corti’s adventure started towards the mid 1980s in her home in Via Meda, Milan.

It was more than just her home, it was a genuine atelier and is where the Home Textile Emporium was born and evolved. It was not long before she opened up her showroom in Via Conchetta, a fabulous workshop located near the Naviglio canal; this is where the Lisa Corti brand grew so successfully. In 2005, the new Emporium project began in the office of Via Lecco, just a short walk from Porta Venezia. The space used is a 17th century ex convent today used as both store and creative factory; it is where, collection after collection, the new Lisa Corti designs are conceived. At the Home Textile Emporium, tradition is combined with contemporary living: the convent’s original layout, its thick outside walls and rounded arches framing the rooms, contrast with the flimsy fabrics and oriental and colonial look of the furniture. A perfect mix of the Western World and Indian and African influences; fascinating to discover and explore.

India and the Orient in general are, in fact, an endless source of inspiration for Lisa Corti, who reworks the design of her textiles in an original and highly personal way.

Every fabric, every pattern and every detail is studied and created by her in Italy before being made up in India by specialist craftsmen. Cotton is woven on the spinning wheel until forming a virtually impalpable thread that is then dyed and hand-woven on wooden looms. Then each material is worked using the ancient manual blockprint technique on fabric. Each of the carved wooden blocks is dipped in a different colour and pressed onto the fabric; the pattern is formed in this way with a slow and precise layering technique. Like any hand-crafted process, block printing is subject to inevitable “imperfections” that actually increase the appeal of the finished product.

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