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Reinterpreting their symbolic proportions, many of Lisa's designs are inspired by the timeless geometries of mandalas.

With four external points that chase each other around an energetic centre, their spiritual alignments infuse the layouts of her trademark mezzeri (versatile printed cotton cloths in different sizes) and sophisticated Trivandrum bedspreads, with a subtle, yet powerful blend of metaphysics and colour, elegance and fantasy.

“It’s not just that I see color combinations,
I actually feel them"


One of our most loved designs, Nizam embodies the global dimension of true creativity: the flower, which dominates the design, was taken from an Aubusson tapestry, is contained by a border inspired by an ancient Indian miniature. From these fragments, Lisa reworked the shapes and colours with pencils and gouache to create a design that evokes the scents of distant journeys with a sense of wonder, to be applied to tablecloths, cushions, curtains and sofa covers.


Our Damascus design originates in the Renaissance of Florence, in 1459: to be precise, in a detail on a Byzantine knight's sleeve, as depicted in a fresco by Benozzo Gozzoli in the Chapel of the Magi. This detail, reinterpreted by Lisa, was then transformed into a opulently colored pattern that manifests in different forms: Damask Stripes, Damask Flower, Dam Dam.

“Pure colour that comes to life as substance, it is weightless and runs, cheerful and gentle, stopping at a central point. It winks and cannot be ignored. These are my tapestries.”


A singular bloom inspired by a fragment of a Japanese print, set within a five-colour striped border, this enchanting design combines the essential contours of its oriental origins with the vivacious colours of Lisa Corti, to create an aesthetic of sophisticated charm.


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